Frequently Asked Questions

What is naturopathic medicine?

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What training do naturopathic doctors have?

Naturopathic doctors face rigorous training. After a required 4-year undergraduate degree, the natuorpathic medicine program is another 4-year program from an accredited naturopathic medical school. The first two years are comparable to medical school in terms of curriculum and hours. Naturopathic doctors learn anatomy, pathology, labs, physical exams, and medical imaging. You can have confidence in your NDs ability to recognize your issue and treat appropriately. Dr. Tipper graduated from the University of British Columbia, receiving a Bachelor of Science with distinction, before continuing on to the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine where he received the prestigious Academic Excellence Award upon graduation.

Why should you see a naturopathic doctor?

Holistic Approach Your body is an intricate network. When a single aspect of the body's network is out of balance, the entire system is effected. By taking the whole person approach, NDs are able to see where there is an imbalance and where treatment can help you get back to optimal health. Time Your appointment with your naturopathic doctor will give you lots of time to be heard, to have your questions answered and to get to the bottom of your health concers. Options Once a correct diagnosis has been made by your naturopathic doctor, all treatments available to you will be presented so you and your doctor can make the best decision. NDs have many, many different treatment options besides drugs! Accurate Diagnosis Naturopathic doctors are highly skilled in clinical diagnosis. We use clinical knowledge, diagnostic labs, and physical exams to properly determine the source of your illness. NDs also have the time to spend with you to obtain an extensive health history that will guide in diagnosis. You can be confident that your ND will find the root of your illness. Prevention Disease prevention is one of the tenets of naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic doctors work with you to promote overall health and therefore reduce the occurrence of disease. Furthermore, NDs offer screening tests and spend the time to thoroughly evaluate your health history in hopes of recognizing disease early. Acute Care In Need of a Family Doctor Relationship Buliding

What conditions do naturopathic doctors treat?

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What treatments do naturopathic doctors offer?

Naturopathic doctors receive training in:

Dr. Tipper also has training in prolotherapy, a regenerative injection therapy that promotes the regenerative healing of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons helping with injury recovery and chronic pain. You can learn more about Dr. Tipper's treatments here.

Are naturopathic doctor visits covered under my medical plan?

Most extended health care plans cover naturopathic medical visits. Please check with your insurance provider.

What can I expect in my first visit with a naturoapthic doctor?

Naturopathic doctors take the opportunity to sit down and understand your health concerns from top to bottom. That includes getting to know who you are and how to meet your needs. Your first visit with your naturopathic doctor is usually an hour long. During that time your doctor will take a detailed health history and conduct any indicated physical exams. You will have your doctor's full attention and be able to have any questions about your health answered. The appointment is YOUR time that will be used to best address your concerns. You will never leave Dr. Tipper's office more confused than when you came in.

What are the benefits of choosing supplements from a professional company?

Nutritional and herbal supplements are now widely available in Canada. The benefit of choosing professional products includes assurance of high quality supplements. These products have undergone extensive research to ensure efficacy and safety for our patients. Professional products may be prescribed by your naturopathic doctor as part of your individualized treatment plan. At Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine, we carry a dispensary of professional products that are made available to our patients and referred patients of other health care providers.

Do naturopathic doctors still use medication as a treatment?

Most naturopathic doctors can prescribe pharmaceuticals and can prescribe most of the same medications that a medical doctor can. The difference is, pharmaceuticals may not be the first treatment choice of NDs. However, sometimes pharmaceuticals are entirely necessary and NDs can prescribe when needed! Knowing all about pharmaceuticals also helps naturopathic doctors manage your medications and if possible, get you off drugs quicker.

Do I need a referral to see a naturopathic doctor?

No. You can book at anytime with a naturopathic doctor, without referral.